We are hiring sales reps!

Looking for absolute HUSTLERS.


Ever thought of being involved in the Real Estate Industry? We have an opening on our Acquisitions Team that needs to be filled by a person who loves working with people, has no fear to succeed, and enjoys an exciting, competitive work environment.

You have to be a person with an entrepreneurs mindset and look at this opportunity as his or her own business. You must thrive to succeed and reach lofty goals. We are also looking for people to embrace a positive culture and mindset, and be willing to grow with the team instead of only looking out for yourself.

Our pay scale is very aggressive, and for the right person, you will be making six figures and building the lifestyle you looking for.

We are NOT looking for 9-5 people who watch the clock. NOBODY who is truly successful does it strictly in the realm of 9-5. If that is what you are looking for, then please do not waste time applying.

Please click here to go to the online submission form. You can upload your resume (if you have one) on the submission page. You can also upload a brief intro video if you would like to.

In house training is provided, you will be given all the tools you need to thrive and succeed. Ongoing training will be provided as well. This is a full time, W2 position.

Prove to us you are a hustler. Don’t send a resume, apply online with your video or hunt us down and pitch yourself in person. Show us you have what we are looking for and you can shape your future with this opportunity.