Meet the Citylink Real Estate Solutions Team

At Citylink Real Estate Solutions, we know and acknowledge that everything rises and falls on leadership and good people. We are very proud of our team members, and would like for you to meet them.

Tyler Weitz

Starting his real estate career in 2012, Tyler has made a specialty of marketing, acquisitions and customer relations. When you meet Tyler, he will be quick to tell you his deepest passion is reaching out to people who would benefit from our services and putting together a custom plan to help them reach their goals! As one of the two co-founders of the company, much time, care, attention to detail and passion has been given to the Citylink Companies from him to make sure our customers have a great experience.

Keith Murray

Back in 2001, Keith entered the real estate industry through the world of commercial concrete. After nine years, Keith decided it was time for a change and opted to start a new path in residential real estate. His specialties would include project management, contractor relations and building direction. Many of the innovative ideas you see in our homes are a result of Keith’s decision making. Being the other co-founder of the Citylink Companies, Keith has labored much over all the fine details that go into the construction process.

Rod Tant

In his 29th year of building, Rod serves as our project manager. He has done very complex and large scale projects. Ranging from big commercial developments to significant projects with the City of Raleigh to building Single Family Homes, Rod has done it all. With him in charge, there is a peace knowing that every trade and process is properly managed and done right.

Valerie Mitchell

Valerie is extremely pleasant and brings a specialty in client support and transaction management. As a seasoned paralegal, she has significant experience in the closing process, mortgage management, title search and opinion and closing document review. You can trust that when you buy from or sell to Citylink Real Estate Solutions, the entire process will be managed by an experienced professional that will ensure the whole process goes smooth.

Mike McCloud

Spending years in the customer industry, Mike works as a home purchasing specialist. Through his vast array of experiences over a long career, Mike brings an edge in creativity and problem solving that is hard to match!

Gabbie Simalong

Gabbie is our phone specialist. Her warm, caring and inviting manor make her very easy to talk to. As a highly organized in office staff member, Gabbie handles all of our initial customer calls and appointment setting. With her many years of customer service experience, we know your first phone call to our company will leave you with a good impression!