Employment Type


Fast growing real estate investment firm is seeking a super sharp, Rockstar outside sales executive that can produce results and close deals.

Here are the roles and responsibilities:

  1. Meet with customers and formulate customized plans based upon their needs.
  2. Meet with distressed sellers that want to sell their house fast for cash.
  3. Build rapport with the seller, overcome objections and manage contract signatures.
  4. Must be able to manage leads and follow up with prospects.
  5. Must be motivated to bring in outside business.
  6. Must be a team player and get along with the other staff.
  7. Must use the CRM daily to update and stay on task until deals are closed.

Here’s what the ideal candidate would look like:

A professional, sharp dresser that understands success comes through hard work and tenacity. This person is teachable and always trying to improve themselves by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or by whatever means necessary.

This candidate is a fast starter and is money motivated who is looking for the right opportunity to use their people skills and talents to build a lasting career with a great company.

This person doesn’t whine or make excuses, point fingers or lay blame, they get results and are proud of it.

This candidate can follow instructions and is detail orientated.

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